Thursday, February 22, 2018 - 9:06 AM







The Ocean Hill Private Estate Peel Thunder Colts recently attended a pre-season training camp.  The players took this opportunity to vote for the Leadership Group for the 2018 season. Over the course of the pre-season the group had discussed what leadership looked like to them, what they expected from a leader and gave examples of strong leadership, which wasn’t confined to the sporting world.

Congratulations to the following players on their appointment as the 2018 Peel Thunder Colts Leadership Group.

Jake Howes (Captain)

Durak Tucker (Vice Captain)

Tyson Powell (Vice Captain)

Bradley Oldfield

Lachlan Riley

Jake Howes is a busy inside mid with a high work rate. He sets the standard, on and off the field, which clearly impressed the coaching and playing groups. Addressing the group for the first time, Jake stated:  “It’s a great honour to be selected by the playing group to lead them for the 2018 season. With new coaching staff and some talented new players, I’m confident that the group is heading in the right direction.”

Durak and Tyson are both natural leaders who have a strong game sense and the ability to have strong influences on matches. Durak is a rebounding back who played State football in 2017, whilst Tyson is fairly versatile and is likely to spend time across all zones this season.

Bradley and Lachlan are both midfielders who have high work rates. Brad spent most of last season across half back where his attack on the ball was noticeable.  Lachie is an accumulator of the ball, providing strong run as a winger, and with the ability to play inside.

The Peel Thunder Football Club wishes the boys all the best in their roles and has full confidence that they will lead by example at all times.

The Colts first trial game is March 10th v Claremont at Claremont Oval.