Sunday, March 11, 2018 - 1:48 PM



Speaking in front of a packed house at their Season Launch on Tuesday night, coach Brad Dodd spoke of the focus for the program through pre-season and gave a brief update on all the squad members progress. 

“I think as a program we had clear areas we wanted to improve on heading into our pre-season. We wanted to have an increased emphasis on strength and I think it’s clear we’ve made great advances in this area. New Strength and Conditioning coach, Mason Gittins has done an excellent job in fast tracking a lot of our young players. 

As a coaching group we’re really happy where the group sits and as a group the players have shown to be hard working and ultra competitive.”

Captain Jake Howes spoke to the audience, congratulating the group for the work thats been done, thanking the players family for their continued support and sacrifice and wishing everyone well for the season ahead.